Wine is the poetry of the earth.

– Mario Soldati

Within the Tenuta Rentica, on a 16th Century farm,
a woman has rediscovered the extraordinary terroir of the lake of Bolsena.
She has fallen in love with an ancient land, giving new life to this unique territory.


The farm in the heart of the Tenuta Rentica is an ancient pavillon de chasse, dating back to the 16th century, that has always been a property of the Cozza Caposavi counts. On the hills that embrace the lake of Bolsena, the property is surrounded by fruit trees, vineyards and olive groves. The estate was restored to its original splendor by the love of Nathalie Maikava for Italy and its wines.

A passion from afar

Nathalie Maikava comes from an aristocratic Russian background. From Russia she brought back her coat of arms, representing a rampant white horse on a red background, a symbol of strength and energy. Thanks to Nathalie’s energy, the winery has recovered a wine-making heritage whose roots date back to the Middle Ages: today, the Tenuta Rentica produces four prestigious wines, two reds and two whites, which evoke the poetry of a magical and mysterious land. Four labels grouped under a single brand, Dama del Lago.

Dama del Lago: a unique terroir produces one-of-a-kind wines

Wines are not all the same: their characteristics are influenced by a multeplicity of factors.
Soil is one of these factors and Dama del Lago knows well how to make the most of Bolsena’s volcanic terroir, to offer consumers wines that boast unique organoleptic properties.

Bolsena, Land of Wines

From the Rocca Monaldeschi della Cervara, a charming medieval castle built in 1156 by pope Adrian IV, you can admire an outstanding view of the whole volcanic basin of lake Bolsena. Eyes span on vineyards and olives groves of this enchanted territory, a terroirv devoted to the production of oustanding wines with a rich historical background.

A fairytale place

Boats anchored in a mysterious landscape, a place as magical as a fairytale. Between the high towers, the two halves of the blue lake.

“Nunc est bibendum”
Oratium, Odes

La Dama del Lago

La Dama del Lago
Via Cassia 117,3 Km
01023 Rentica Viterbo IT